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Timeless Being

 Orgiva, Southern Spain   
15, 16, 17 September 2023

It is easy to get caught up in a realm of doing rather than simply being. This often means we give a vast amount of attention to the past or the future. In the past we can be stuck in self-judgement and regret and in the future fixated with anxious anticipation. 

In this retreat we will practise attending to the present moment, to the here and now. An immersion in a fundamental peacefulness and stillness of being.

The three days will be a mixture of contemplation, conversation, meditation and a silent walk in the mountains at the local Tibetan monastery.



Martin Wells is a teaching and supervising transactional analyst who has also beenstudying and practising meditation for over 40 years. He recently retired from his work in the NHS in the UK, as a consultant psychotherapist and teaches mindfulness from a non dual perspective. 

He has led retreats in Scotland, Goa and Spain and is the author of ‘Sitting in the Stillness’, ‘No one Playing’ and ‘Lost for Words

He is the founder of TA ~ Spiritual and has led retreats in Scotland, Goa and Spain.

Cost:  £150 (E150 for residents of Spain - donation only for unwaged)

For more details email:

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