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Our True Nature

 Orgiva, Southern Spain   
16, 17, 18 September 2022

When surrounded by the natural world we are reminded of our true nature. The bird simply sings without wondering how well it is singing. The human mind, with all its judgements, can be an ongoing interruption to the freedom of spontaneous living and is best placed in the role of servant not master to our true nature.

The three days will be a mixture of contemplation, conversation, meditation and a silent walk in the mountains at the local Tibetan monastery.






Martin Wells is a teaching and supervising transactional analyst who has also been studying and practising meditation for over 30 years. He works part-time in the NHS in the UK, as a consultant psychotherapist and teaches mindfulness from a non dual perspective. 

He is the founder of TA ~ Spiritual and has led retreats in Scotland, Goa and Spain.

Cost:  £150 (E150 for residents of Spain - donation only for unwaged)

For more details email:

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