Our True Nature

                        The essence of mindfulness and non-duality

                 Engineer's house  Clifton, Bristol -  16th March 2019 



When surrounded by the natural world we are reminded of our true nature. The bird simply sings without wondering how well it is singing. The human mind, with all its judgements, can be an ongoing interruption to the freedom of spontaneous living and is best placed in the role of servant not master to our true nature.

The day will be a blend of understanding and practice, of clarification and meditation.



Martin Wells is a teaching and supervising transactional analyst who has been studying meditation for over 30 years. He works in the NHS in the UK, as a consultant psychotherapist, where he integrates non-dual teachings with mindfulness and psychotherapy. 


*  (Dr. Jean-Marc Mantel will join the meeting by video conference for part of the afternoon and be available for questions on the theme.) He studied yoga, meditation and self-inquiry with Jean Klein. He has written many texts and several books on self-knowledge and self-understanding, all available on his website: http://jmmantel.net. It will be possible to join this part of the day by video link.


Dates and times: 16th March 2019 10 - 4.30pm

Venue : Engineer's house, the Promenade, Clifton, Bristol

Cost: £50 (reductions for unwaged and NHS staff).

For bookings or further details please email martinwells4@me.com

Or book online at https://www.non-dualmindfulness.com

Non-duality mindfulness